About Us

Meetings for Spring 2017: Wednesdays at 8:00pm in rotating locations! To find out where we are locate, sign up for our newsletter!

The Rotaract Club of Santa Cruz County is dedicated to uniting the students of UCSC with each other and their local community through service projects, social events, and group trips. We also strive to build our members futures by pairing them with professional mentors from our local area, providing amazing experiences to our members that last lifetimes.

Our Motto is…

"Self Development – Fellowship Through Service"

What is Rotaract?

  • Rotaract is a community service club based club for individuals 18-30 years old sponsored by Rotary International. 
  • Rotary International is an organization composed of 30 yr + established professionals/ knowledgeable retirees. Rotary conducts large scale community service projects such as End Polio Now, their polio eradication campaign. 
  • In addition to community service, our club also focuses of fellowship and professional development.