Month: May 2017

Members of the Month

February 2017

Maria Martinez:  2nd year with  16.5 hours of service!

Why did you join Rotaract?

I joined Rotaract because I was affiliated with interact in high school and loved doing community service. I also wanted to join at least one club in Santa Cruz to make more friends.

What was a highlight in Rotaract? Could be a social, service event, or a random moment in meeting!

A highlight in Rotaract was the first service event that I went to in which we helped clean up a beach in Monterrey and in which I met some people that I would be friends with for a long time.

If you could choose a position, what would it be and why?

If I could choose a position, I would be historian because I love to take pictures at events and am very good with social media.

Is there any advice you’d like to pass on to future members?

My advice is to go to as many service and social events, both are a great way to talk to people and are a great way to get away from the stress that can be brought on by academics.

Past Events


Moore Creek Preserve Volunteer Day 01.16.17

13 Members attended. Volunteers pulled the invasive French broom plant as part of a long term project to remove the plant in the area and restore the reserve. Members had lunch together at MG Sushi.

Homeless Service Center 01.28.17

5 members attended. Volunteers helped with weeding, cleaning, and organizing projects. Volunteers also also organized spices and helped clean up kitchen and rehabilitation center.

English Ivy Removal 01.29.17 

Seven members attended. At Antonelli Pond, volunteers helped remove English Ivy, an invasive species. Members got sushi for lunch afterward!

Homeless Garden Project 02.05.17

4 members attended. We pulled weeds out from a patch of sage so that it could grow. Made lots of little snail friends. The Homeless Garden Project provides job training, transitional employment and support services to people who are homeless

Trivia Challenge 02.24.17

6 members attended. Volunteers helped set up and participated in the event.This event is put on by the Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz for the 8th year in a row. All proceeds benefit our senior programs: RSVP, Helping Hands, File of Life and Transportation

Teen Kitchen Project (Every Monday Afternoon)

3 members attended. Volunteers helped with cleanup and food preparations. This event is part of our individual skills fundraiser. Teen Kitchen is a non-profit organization that teaches teens and young adults to cook healthy and sustainable meals, which are then delivered to individuals or families who are in crisis due to life-threatening illnesses.

Grey Bears (Every Friday Morning)

The Brown Bag Program delivers shopping bags of fresh produce and healthy staples to a network of sites and to homebound seniors in Santa Cruz County each week.‚Äč